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    These days there is a growing awareness of the need for people to have capability to defend themselves. Traditional self defense systems are complicated, require a lot of practice and, as a result, offer little help. My training is based on natural instinctive human responses. It provides confidence. When the circumstances call for it, people can defend against all kinds of threats and prevail. There no need to be a victim.

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    Lee Shaykhet Fitness Programs will have you fit without a gym membership!  Only 10 minutes a day and your on your way to a brand new you!

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    Lee Shaykhet was born in Moscow in 1955. He graduated from the Moscow University in 1977. Instead of joining the military, which would have never given him the opportunity to ever leave the CCCP, Lee chose to consult and teach from the University.


    About Lee Shaykhet



FREE “Common Sense” Techniques Everyone Should Know For Basic Self Defense

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Lee Shaykhet – Self Defense Expert Featured On Fox News.

FREE Simple “Common Sense” Techniques Everyone Should Know For Basic Self Defense

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As proven by scientific research, the “fight or flight” response is the body’s way of preparing itself to face a threat. This is also known as a survival instinct.   Shaykhet Training teaches students to respond INSTINCTIVELY, with a basic techniques.

Self-defense expert, Lee Shaykhet, explains why women and children are surprisingly good at self-defense.

Maybe you have been studying the martial arts for a while or have taken a couple of self defense classes. Or… perhaps you feel it’s time you better learn how to defend yourself. Have you ever wondered if you could really survive a brutal street attack? Maybe you can last long enough for the police to arrive and save you?


I believe our department is better today because of what we have learned from Mr. Shaykhet and I highly recommend his training programs to all law enforcement agencies–Lt. James O'Bryant, Toledo Police Academy

We have found Mr. Shaykhet's program to be very easy to learn and retain, and meshes nicely with PPCT techniques. Mr. Shaykhet was willing to tailor the training programs to custom fit our specific needs–Sgt. Bjork, Troy Police Department

His instruction and methods are easily taught, retained and most importantly applied at the street level.–Dale Tamsen, Taylor Police Department